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GM Ventzislav Inkiov and a team led by him created ChessMix.com in a period of about half a year. This website aims at collecting variable useful information to the satisfaction of the numerous chess fans all over the world. Both beginners and grandmasters alike can find plenty of interesting topics about chess there. Everything has been done to eliminate the linguistical barrier, because the site has been translated into the most popular world languages in the spirit of the motto of FIDE "Gens una sumus".

GM Ventzislav Inkiov is the leader of the team and he has devoted a lot of effort into the presentation of chess in the NET during the last several years. He finds the basic drawback of the most popular chess sites to be that they are usually created by computer specialists rather than chess-playing professionals. The site ChessMix.com plans to be the exception to this rule. It is a collective endeavour of highly qualified chess players as well as expert web-design programmers.

Hristo Inkiov is an Internet programmer and a web-designer. He has been studying these fields profoundly and applying his knowledge into the modern Internet technologies in a period of three years now. He has developed several websites enjoying well-deserved prestige in the web space. He is the leading figure behind the elaborate time-consuming process of creation of ChessMix.com.


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